Human rights and child rights violations of Czech citizens in Georgia by Embassy of the Czech Republic Tbilisi and Georgian authorities 


7 years old Czech girl living in Tbilisi, Georgia in harm by the bias and harmful approach of the Social Service of Georgia. Not protected by the juridical system and Prosecutor Office.
The Czech Emabassy in Tbilisi refused to provide consular help over period of 12 month. The child is vicim of psychological violance and re-traumatization. 

The state forensic psychologist expert from LEPL Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau, Department of Psychiatric Examination stated at the court that Czech girl was taught to memorize sexual pornographic texts against his father and his grandmother and that she is a victim of psychological violence. The same allarming fact was confimed by another 4 clinical pschologist reports in Georgia!


The only "psychologist" who made interview of the child IN THE PRESENCE OF THE RUSSIAN MOTHER and WITHOUT CZECH TRANSLATOR Mrs. Shorena Maisuradze with general educations like sociologist without clinical expericen from Social Service Agency belives that the child said true.


The Ombudsman of Georgia makes critical report on the way Social Service Agency made interview with abused child.


The Czech girl started to suffer after illegal abductiuon of the 2nd June 2020 from depresion, speech problems, low motoric skils and regress of the development as reported by Social Service Agency report of June 2020.
Social Service Agency holds child on uknow place blocking the child to provide medical service, compulsory education  and contact with the child family. The Czech consul approves and supports these illegal actions of Georgian authorities againts the best interst of the child.
The Czech Republic the same like Georgia is a signatory of EU Child Rigts Conventons adn has a duty to protect child best interst and child rights. 
The Czech Embassy at Tbilisi ignores a recommedations of Office for International Legal Protection of Childre of Czech Republic and do not intervent to the case. The Czech Embassy at Tbilisi has obligaton by the Czech legislation to provide so called consular protection to victims of crime. The Czech cunsul Juraj Fejer support all acts of Social Service Agency and contributed to the harm of EU Czech minor citizen in Georgia. 





Embassy of the Czech Replace was requested by Czech citizen in Septmber 2019 to get involved on cases related to the protection of Czech child living in Georgia after illegal kidnaping of two Czech citizens from Martvili to Batumi without any legal ground enedengering both the father P.A. and V.A.5 years old child life. Czech Ambassador H.E. Per Mikyska requested the father about illegal kidnaping and detention of Czech gril V.A. all cases materials and the case was submited by the father lawyer on October 2019 as complaints to General Inspection of Ministry of Interior to be inevstigated. General Inspection transfer the case to Prosecuotr Office Adajara that started investigation under Artilce 333 of Criminal Code of Georgia. 


to be continued....







We are very disappointed by the yesterday court decision on the case of Vanessa protective order.

This is very strong and negative message to the international and EU structures about child rights systematic violation of Georgian authorities.


And the most important - catastrophe for little Czech girl living at Tbilisi. 


Social Service Agency with its director Mari Maglaperidze do not protect children and actively with her employees (Nino Iobashvili, Shorena Maisuradze, Mariam Tskhvediani, Mako Sanakoshvili, … ) support pornography and sexual violence on Vanessa and all kids in similar life situations in Georgia.


The judge Mrs. Manana Chokheli at Tbilisi Appeal Court, administrative collegium made a resolution judgment on 30/06/2021 that V.A. will be not protected by the protective order as being victimized by Russian mother after illegal abduction since 2nd June 2020.


The judge Manana Chokheli violated child rights and endangered the child. Deep law analysis is being made now with next immediate steps to be talking on all levels.


During the session on 29/06/2021 at the process of interview of experts the state psychologist Dr. Tina Tinatikachadze working at LEPL Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau, Department of Psychiatric Examination stated during the court session that:


V.A. was taught sexual pornographic texts against her father and grandmother and the child started to tell these fragments at the door after coming to the examination room.


V.A. is victim of psychological violence.


LEPL Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau is state government expertise with high standards and independence working for criminal investigations and courts as accredited institution in Georgia.

Clinical psychologist Natia Tsereteli made a as an expert with 39 years’ experience, 9 years as forensic expert during the court expert interview session the same conclusion.


Social Service Agency invited sociology working at the position of psychologist made a series of new conclusions that are contradicting previews reports made by the agency and proving a low professionalism and violation of the public servant work considered by civil and criminal law of Georgia.


The judge Manana Chokheli did not allow and blocked Vanessa’s lawyers to ask social worker with education of the sociologist (not psychologist) Shorena Maisuradze questions and breached procedural rights of the court. The violation the Georgian judge will be submitted to a Ministry of Justice organ to star disciplinary proceedings with that judge.


The court also violated the right of the father on the fair process and defend his daughter as the translation was incomplete and unclear audio, English translator was missing on several key parts of the process.

Several rights incl. child rights are again violated on Vanessa case and child is in danger.

The statement of the judge that this is the last session, and you have no chance what to do tells all!

List of violations of Czech minor Girl living in Georgia by UN Child Rights Convention that Georgia is signatory state 


Georgia violated many child righs defined United Nations Convention on The Rights of Child a current V.A. situation namely articles no.:


ARTICLE 2 (non-discrimination)

ARTICLE 3 (the best interests of the child)

ARTICLE 4 (implementing the UNCRC)

ARTICLE 5 (parental guidance)

ARTICLE 6 (children’s survival and development)

ARTICLE 8 (identity)

ARTICLE 9 (separation from parents)

ARTICLE 11 (abduction)

ARTICLE 12 (respect for children’s views)

ARTICLE 14 (freedom on thought, conscience and religion)

ARTICLE 16 (privacy)

ARTICLE 18 (parental and state responsibilities)

ARTICLE 19 (protection from violence, abuse and negelect)

ARTICLE 24 (health and healthcare)

ARTICLE 25 (children receiving healthcare away from home)

ARTICLE 26 (social security)

ARTICLE 27 (adequate standard of living)

ARTICLE 28 (education)

ARTICLE 29 (education and children’s development)

ARTICLE 30 (minority and indigenous groups)

ARTICLE 34 (sexual exploitation and abuse)

ARTICLE 37 (cruel treatment and detention)

ARTICLE 39 (recovery from trauma and reintegration)

ARTICLE 41 (national law and standards)


Over 25 violations of V.A. rights by the mother and the guardian. That’s enormous and juridical system must as much as possible support Czech girl.


Rights of child are regularly breached despite government official PR and extensive EU and US support coming to Georgia. Many civil lawyers and NGO tires to make a change but the system is without any sign of reform and old structures are protected. The simple advice is - never ever travels to Georgia with young children to do business or live there. Georgia is beautiful and great country to visit as a tourist but without kids. This is a country in which children's rights are being violated, the system and the judiciary show a number of shortcomings in the protection of children's rights. Prosecutors are not interested in children's cases and violations of rights by state authorities. Children exposed to psychological violence remain without the help of the state, and civil servants hide traces of their illegal and unprofessional practices in children's cases.

Georgian act of the state terrorism againts defendless Czech 6 years old girl living in Tbilisi


10 day before illegal abduction of the Czech girl from her family in Tbilisi by bias Social Service Agency


Little Czech girl  just a few days before her illegal violent abduction on 2nd June 2020 at Tbilisi  she drew and gave her father this picture with the words,


"It's evil down here and he wants to get to us up where the two of us are. And he can't get to us."


Based on the fact that the Georgian service (Nino Iobashvili and Shorena Maisuradze) refused to give the baby a copy of the picture together with a second picture drawn by the father for the daughter a few days after the illegal abduction of the child, it is clear that the kidnappers' fears are great. Completely harm the child, steal his family, hand him over to a mentally unstable and drug-addicted mother (according to reports from psychologists and the Czech court). Make everything so that the Czech child forgets the Czech language and culture. It couldn't be healed. He couldn't go to the doctor. All with the consent and supervision of the consul of the Czech Embassy in Tbilisi, Juraj Fejer, who fully trusts the kidnappers who regressed the Czech girl.

Bias and misconducting Social Service Aegncy of Georgia, Tbilisi

Aggressive social service worker Nino Iobashvili at Tbilisi attacking the father and his daughter


A dramatic scene in Tbilisi (Georgia) as a 6 years old Czech girl is abducted by the Russin mother against her will from Tolia Nursery and please her father for help (the child has lived a parental agreement since birth with his father and his grandmother).


In a 3:41 minute of the video after the the Czech father and Czech child are physically attacked by the Russian mother in the Magniti store, the social worker Nino Iobashvili starts yelling aggressively and uncontrollably at the father and the scared 5 years old child!

In September 2019, the Tbilisi City Court ordered the observation of the behavior of mother and child in kindergarten. But the court did not ordered kidnapping a child on the street with the help of a social worker. The mother neglected the child for many years, shouted at him often and scolded him, and the child is afraid of her. Social worker Nino Iobashvili refuses to respond to the child's requests for help and break contact with the mother.


Social worker Nino Iobashvili from the Saburtalo Vake agency in Tbilisi acts illegally, is biased and does not defend the interests of the child, but only Russian mothers. On June 2, 2020, Nino Iobashvili organised the illegal abduction of a child to a Russian mother. A 6-year-old child has been suffering from psychological problems since then has a problem with speech. Nino Iobashvili illegally prevents a child from going to school and have a contact with his family. Now a 7-year-old Czech girl lives in an unknown place and, according to reports from clinical psychologists, is a victim of psychological violence (in form of sexual psychological violence) from the mother side without help from the Social Service Agency of Georgia / LEPL Agency for State Care and Assistance for the (Statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking of Georgia. LEPL Agency for State Care and Assistance for the (Statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking of Georgia do not protect underage children not to be taught at the age of 6 pornographic violent texts by one of the manipulating parents during the so-called family disputes. The child is completely unprotected in Georgia. On the contrary, the social service actively supports the emergence of the Alienated Parent Syndrome in children. Expertise is at zero, there is a complete lack of psychologists and professional social workers. Management does not respond to any suggestions and the only early parents and children are to turn to the European Court of Human Rights. The very sad moment is that some children in Georgia have already committed suicide in the last year thanks to the approach of Georgian social workers. This is a catastrophic report on the alarmingly and showing low level, unprofessionalism and ignorance of social workers in Georgia.